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Head stand for good sleep

The head stand is a powerful way to slow down the thinking process and bring an individual to the state of mediation. Sleep is a state where an individual is totally relaxed but unaware. So, to move from mediation to sleep all you need to do is lie down and you are already in a completely relaxed state of mind. Not everyone can achieve the head stand easily but to those who can, it could solve their sleep problems.

Caution: Those with high blood pressure and cardiac problems should avoid the head stand.

Step 1, 2
Step 1

• Sit back on your heels, interlock your hands and place them in front of you on the floor
• Keep your elbows close to the knees
• Rest the crown of your head in the hollow of your palms.

Step 2

• Curl your toes in, shift your weight and body forward so that the crown of the head is in the hollow of your palms and the top of the forehead rests on the floor.
Step 3, 4

Step 3

• Raise your hips by straightening your legs and move your feet towards the head until the torso is vertical.

Step 4

• Shift your weight onto the elbows and the head, lift both your feet off the ground, with your knees bent.
Step 5, 6

Step 5

When you maintain your balance, slowly extend both your legs straight into the air
Hold for 10-30 seconds, breathing normally.

Step 6

Bend your knees, lower your legs and feet to the ground, sit back on your heels and resume to start position.