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Meditation for Relaxation

Meditation, inherent in every religion, means experiencing and acquiring spiritual energy by concentrating deeply. It is the technique that is used since eons to heighten spiritual growth in individuals. For saints and sages, meditation is an integral part of life that comes naturally but among common human beings it is regarded as a complex exercise learnt from spiritual gurus.

Meditating Buddha Statues

As an exercise, meditation is a complex technique that needs strict following of rules. The external and internal peace is the prime components. The breathing, too, has to be controlled in a natural rhythmic manner. Preventing reflection of all external images, the inner eye has to concentrate on a point.
Meditating Shiva Lord Shiva

It is believed, however, by some philosophers that meditation should not be limited to the exercise of concentrating in peace, and rather it should be incorporated in life as naturally as breathing. Which means, every action should be deep, well-meaning and well thought of ? This practice will in turn bring internal joy, peace, positive energy and good thoughts, which is the goal of meditation. Whether it is Zen meditation, Buddhist meditation or yoga meditation, the aim is to balance the external and the internal by looking deep inside. It is the most effective way of combating depression, the new age evil. Both mental as well as physical fitness is achieved if one practices meditation. Yoga is the first step of meditation where the human body learns to take control of thoughts, breathing and energy. It gradually turns into a way of saying prayer that is performed silently.

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