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Meditation with Mandalas

What is meditation? Why is it necessary? Everybody wants to know about himself or herself. Don’t they? One often asks oneself: “Who am I? What’s the purpose of my life?” Meditation may answer these questions. Meditation brings us to the inmost core of our being, to the truth ourselves. It helps us explore into ourselves and find out our true nature.

MEDITATION must not be something special. All our life, everything that we do can be meditation, when we do it from our center, from our heart. Most of the time we are not concentrating, therefore we need to practice. We have to quieten our mind and become stable. Meditation over Mandalas can help us to come close to ourselves and to know ourselves.

Lord Shiva in Deep Meditation Statue

MANDALAS are simply images. They symbolize everything that happens in the universe. Every creation is a mandala, you are one too! In nature we can find Mandalas everywhere. mandalas are also created by human beings in different works of art, architecture, gardening, and painting. Everything starts from one point and extends as far as possible. A point is the smallest circle. When the point extends outward it becomes a larger circle. If there is not any limitation it goes to infinity!

Mandala Painting

When you throw a stone into a lake, immediately a circle arises and it grows and grows until it reaches the borders of the lake.

Matter always has limitations. Spirit is always boundless. Human beings are essentially spiritual beings and our spirit has no limits. But we are also bound in perishable, transient matter. Infinity and immortality can be developed in our spirit only. A mandala shows us the way. It shows us how to grow spiritually into calm, serene human beings.

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