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Balaram Jayanthi

August - 16 , 2008

This is the appearance day of Lord Balarama,  the elder brother of Lord Krishna. Lord Balarama is the firt expansion of Lord Sri Krishna. He is the original spiritual master, and devotees offer special prayers to Lord Balarama on this day to receive spiritual strength from Him.

He appeared on the full moon day of shravana.  The history of His appearance is unique.  He was born as the seventh son of Devaki and Vasudeva

But, when He was still in the womb of Devaki, He transferred Himself to the womb of Rohini, who was another wife of Vasudeva.  The tyrant brother of Devaki, Kamsa, had put Vasudeva and Devaki in prison.  Vasudeva had left his wife Rohini, in the care of his dear friend, Maharaja Nanda.
The Krishna Balarama Deities at ISKCON Bangalore, receive a splendid abhisheka or bathing ceremony on this day.

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