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Taste of Kerala Kappa Vilayichathu

1.Tapioca chips 750 gm.,2. Scraped coconut 1 cup, 3.Nescafe 7 level teaspoons, 4. Sugar 500 gm, 5.Ghee 1 tabelspoon, 6.Water 1 ½ cups.

How to prepare
1.The Nescafe is dissolved in ½ cup hot water and kept aside.2.The sugar is dissolved in the remaining water and heated, and before it reaches the syrup form, the Nescafe is added along with the scraped coconut and heated till all the water is gone.3.When the mix reaches the required consistency, the ghee is added.4.To this the tapioca chips are added and mixed well till the Nescafe mix covers the chips. Once this is done, it is taken off the fire. (While mixing make sure the tapioca chips do not break).5.This may now be cooled, ready for use.

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