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Taste of Kerala Vellayappam and Duck curry

Duck curry
Ingredients: 1. 1 kg. Duck cut into big pieces 2. ½ cup coconut oil 3. 1 cup onions sliced round and squeezed in salt water 4. 1½ dsp. Maida 5. Vinegar and salt to taste 6. ½ cup red onions sliced long, 24 green chillies partially split,1 dsp. Ginger sliced thin, ½ dsp. Garlic split into two, ½ dsp. Pepper crushed, 6 pieces of cinnamon (1 inch long), 16 cloves.

Brown onions in hot oil and drain. Fry the duck pieces in two or three lots turning it from side to side. Sprinkle boiling water while stirring. When the meat pieces are dry sprinkle maida and brown. Continue to sprinkle boiling water. When the meat pieces and flour are browned pour sufficient boiling water, vinegar, salt and the browned onions. Cover and cook. When the meat is halfdone, add the ingredients of the sixth item. Cook till the meat is soft and the gravy is of desired thickness. Serve hot. Vellayappam Ingredients: Same as for poori. In addition take 2 cups of grated coconut, ¼ tsp. Of cumin seeds and 1 small onion also. Method: Prepare a thick batter with the ingredients. Grind the grated coconut, cumin seeds and onion and mix in the batter. Keep for an hour and then make vellayappam.

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