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The word "topaz" comes from a Sanskrit word meaning hear of fire. Topazus means to seek;Topaz is transparent and translucent, with a vitreous luster, and high specific gravity.Topaz occurs in cavities within granite or rhyolite igneous rock, pegmatite dikes, high temperature quartz veins, and/or alluvial deposits

It wears well in jewelry but care must be used if it is set in rings because of its very strong cleavage. Jewelers also apply the name topaz to other stones; smoky topaz is actually smoky quartz; Oriental topaz is yellow corundum (yellow sapphire); Bohemian topaz and occidental topaz are actually citrine as are most of the stones sold today under the "topaz" name.

True topaz should always be indicated as "imperial" or "precious" topaz to distinguish it from other stones.

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