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Karwa Chauth is on October 17th not on October 18th

Observing festivals is an old tradition. We have to observe that on correct day and follow traditions correctly. Hindu dharmashastras clearly mendates when to observe which festival. Each festival has a specific month, tithi, nakshatra or combination of tithi and nakshatra or sometimes day. Along with it that combination needs to be observed at the specific time on that day. General rule is when that specific time is not specified the tithi prevailing at the sunrise time should be taken, otherwise the day when that month/tithi/ nakshatra combination appearing at the specified time / kala should be taken.
karwa Chauth Rule as per dharmashastra.

Explantion: "Karwa Chauth to be observed at moonrise (chandrodaya vyapini) and poorvaviddha, best if its tritiya viddha. If visible during both days take the first one, if not visible on both days then take the second one". The specific time for karwa chauth is moonrise time. This means the chaturthi tithi needs to be visible at the moonrise time. Chaturthi tithi appearing at the sunrise time cannot be taken if it appears on moonrise time on either days.

Wrong belief on calculation of Karwa Chauth: Some websites mentions Karwa Chauth is on October 18th. Well this can't be on 18th. This is because without proper knowledge of dharmashastras they take general rule for observing festival that is tithi visible at the sunrise. This is completely wrong. The tithi needs to be "visibile" at appropriate times to observe any festival. For karwa chauth this time happens to be moonrise time as explained in above dharmashastra vakya.

Details and Contention as per Drika Siddhanta:We'll try to explain this with detailed examples based on India and America. Panchang for New Delhi India: October 17, 18th 2008.

October 17, 2008
Moonrise:19: 32
Aashvayuja (Amavasyant Ashwin / Poornimant Kartika)
Krishna Paksha
T:Tritiiya 16:39:21
N:Krittika 22:24:02
Y:Siddhi 11:09:30
K:Vishti 16:39:21
K:Bava 27:08:00+
SN: Tula 5:17
MN: Vrishabha 6:09
RK:10:41-12: 07
YM:14:56-16: 22
GK:07:51-09: 17
AJ:11:43-12: 30
DM:08:42-09: 28,12:29- 13:15
V: 11:34- 13:01
AK: 20:14- 21:41
October 18 2008
Moonrise:20: 30
Aashvayuja (Amavasyant Ashwin / Poornimant Kartika)
Krishna Paksha
T:Chaturthi 13:38:55
N:Rohini 20:12:00
Y:Vyatipata 07:30:16
Y:Variyan27: 59:39+
K:Balava 13:38:55
K:Kaulava 24:13:02+
SN: Tula
MN: Vrishabha
RK:09:16-10: 42
YM:13:31-14: 56
GK:06:27-07: 52
AJ:11:43-12: 29
DM:06:27-07: 13,07:12- 07:58
V: 12:57- 14:24
AK: 17:18- 18:45

Please notice that in India Tritiya finishes at 16:39:21 PM on October 17th and Chaturthi tithi starts. The Moonrise is at 19:32 PM on october 17th. and Chaturthi tithi exists / already started at that time. Now on October 18th in india Moonrise is at 20:30 PM and chaturthi tithi finishes at 13:38:55 PM. Chaturhi tithi visible at the sunrise on October 18th but not visible at the time of moonrise on October 18th. At the time of moonrise in india on October 18th the Panchami tithi is visible, and hence karwa chauth cannot be celebrated on October 18th in India. Based on above facts karwa chauth is on October 17th in India.

In Seattle, USA's Case.

October 17, 2008
Moonrise:19: 39
Aashvayuja (Amavasyant Ashwin / Poornimant Kartika)
Krishna Paksha
T:Chaturthi 25:08:55+
N:Krittika 09:54:02
Y:Vyatipata 19:00:16
K:Bava 14:38:00
K:Balava 25:08:55+
SN: Tula
MN: Vrishabha
RK:11:33-12: 54
YM:15:32-16: 53
GK:08:54-10: 15
AJ:12:32-13: 15
DM:09:42-10: 25,13:14- 13:58
AK: 7:44- 9:11
AK:28:48-30: 15
October 18th 2008
Moonrise:20: 38
Aashvayuja (Amavasyant Ashwin / Poornimant Kartika)
Krishna Paksha
T:Panchami 22:21:12
N:Rohini 07:42:00
N:Mrigashirsha 29:44:47+
Y:Variyan 15:29:39
K:Kaulava 11:43:02
K:Taitila 22:21:12
SN: Tula
MN: Mithuna 18:42
RK:10:14-11: 35
YM:14:12-15: 32
GK:07:36-08: 56
AJ:12:32-13: 15
DM:07:36-08: 19,08:18- 09:01
V: 12:51- 14:19
AK: 21:40- 23:08

Chaturthi tithi ends at 25:08:55 PM means it finishes at 1:08:55 AM after midnight of october 18th and Moonrise in seattle is at 19:39 PM and hence chaturthi tithi is visible from sunrise to moonrise and visible at moonrise and hence "CLEAR karwa CHAUTH" on october 17th in seattle. Where at the sunrise time in seattle Panchami tithi is visible on October 18th. October 18th CANNOT BE KARWA CHAUTH even in Seattle and in India. The same rule applies everywhere and based on that we have calculated dates for karwa chauth as follows:

Conclusion: Karwa Chauth is on October 17th not on October 18th in both India and USA.

Shastras Refered: Tithi Nirnay, Nirnay Sindhu.
USA/Canada, UK, Europe, Gulf countries, Srilanka, Pakistan, India: October 17th 2008
Hongkong, singapore, Australia except Brisbane: October 17th 2008
Jaakarta, Mayalsia: October 17th 2008
Bali, Brisbane, Shangai, Fiji, New Zealand: October 18th 2008
Japan, Bangkok, Hanoi, Vietnam: October 18th 2008

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