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Dr. Mantena Satyanarayana Raju Part2

Dr. Mantena Satyanarayana Raju Part2

The dharmas of the body.

The durability of a thing depends on the way we use it. For instance when you buy a car, we are given hundred and one instructions regarding it and don’t you strictly follow those? Do you pour diesel instead of unleaded petrol ? Why? Because you have spent money and because you know the value of money.

What about your body car? It is an invaluable thing it is given as a boon to you by God through your parents free of cost. Your body has a guarantee card of 100 years. God has provided an ability to the body to repair itself of any problem automatically without going to the shed (hospital) in the 100 years of life span. Your duty is just to supply its natural needs.

If an inanimate thing like car has some conditions to fulfil don’t you think the precious body of yours can lay some terms and conditions? Do you know what they are ?

The body which contains five elements has five dharmas to fulfil. 

  1. Dharma of water
  2. Dharma of food
  3. Dharma of exercise
  4. Dharma of rest
  5. Dharma of excretion (Dharma of Fasting)
Your ill health is directly proportionate to your violation of the laws of the body. Good health is dharma and ill health is adharma. If you wish to drive out the diseases. You have to drive out adharma. This is the bare truth. If you are not cured of your disease. It goes without saying that you still persist in adharma.

You go to a doctor, he can’t cure you completely. You know why ?
Doctor hasn’t created this body. So the cure is not in his hands. It is nature which nurtures and protects your body. Your health virtually lies in the hands of nature and your dharmic behaviour in accordance with nature. So you should strike at the root cause of evil. You don’t have to spend your wealth to regain your health if you change your attitude. The best way is to lead a life of dharma.

1. Dharma of water

The most essential requisite for our body is air. God himself has made arrangements for it. We breathe air even without our knowledge. Next comes water not food. This has to be supplied by us we have given a mistaken identity to food and brought food to second place. Since we violated the Dharma of water, we paved the way for diseases. The problems that arise out of the violation have to be rectified only by resorting to the dharma of water. Do you know that we can prevent 50% of diseases by just drinking plenty of water ? Yes, it is a bare truth.

In God’s creation itself, three-fourth of the universe is water and one fourth is land. In the same way there is 68% water and only 32% solid matter in our body.

Our outer body is cleansed of dirt when we bathe in water. The sameway if we supply sufficient quantity of water to the inner body every cell inside will have a thorough bath. A cleaning effect takes place inside our body.

It is an established fact that we should drink three times the quantity of water to the quantity of food we eat. That is the law of the body, that is the law of nature. On an average an adult takes 2 kgs of solid food. So he should drink nearly 5 to 6 litres of water. It’s not enough if you know how much to drink you should also know how and when to drink.

You should not drink while eating in fact it is harmful. Water dilutes the digestive juices, food remains long in the stomach and intestines and digestion becomes slow. For instance, when you grind dal for idli you add water only later. The same way you should drink water only after the food is digested completely.

How to drink water

a) Your blood and your body gets cleansed mostly by the water you drink early in the morning before breakfast. As soon as you get up, you can drink around a litre to litre and a half. You can do some exercise fifteen minutes after drinking water.

b) After exercise or after 45 to 60 minutes you should drink again the same quantity of water. The first dosage of water soaks all the waste material in water and the second dosage enables an outlet to it through urine.

You can have yet another dosage if you have a possibility. It will give a final wash to your internal body and purify your blood.

You can take solid food 20 minutes after drinking water.

c) You should again drink 3 glasses of water compulsorily half an hour before lunch.

d) After food don’t drink water for 2 hours. After that drink two glasses of water. Ever since then, till 15 minutes before taking another solid food, you can drink as much water as you can in installments.

e) Finally you should drink 3-4 glasses of water half an hour before dinner.

f) Two hours after food you should drink half to one glass of water.

Don’t entertain false notions like you urinate more, its not good for your kidneys and what not initially you may face some problems, but if you persist you can be cured of many of your minor but regular complaints like stomachache, ulcer, constipation etc. You can be cured very much faster this way than by taking medicines. Can’t you believe it? Try it for just ten days, whole heartedly and see for yourself.

2. Dharma of Food

Every living organism is destined to eat a particular type of food based on the shape and size of its body. The dumb animals lead their life accordingly, whereas we human beings inspite of being intelligent have no proper knowledge till date.

Our ultimate goal in life is attainment of Jnana. So we should eat the food that would get digested easily, would give us more energy in less time and send less waste material. The main dharma of food is it should contain life in it. Instead of providing such a food we are cooking, frying roasting and adding spices to the food. We are taking food at odd hours. To worsen it, we are eating as per our senses ignoring the dharma of the body. Can a car run with kerosene instead of petrol ? We are doing that to our body.

The problem caused to the body due to improper food should be rectified only by changing food habits, but not by providing medicines. For instance if we require unleaded petrol for our car and it is not available in the nearest bunk, are we not going very far to get the petrol we require? When we can realise this simple truth in the case of an inanimate thing like our car, can’t we take greater care of our precious possession the one and the only body we have ? If we learn what to eat, how to eat and how much to eat and eat accordingly and follow such a life style, good health is assured to us.

In the present day, you are not eating natural food. You are eating only ruchis. Ruchi is different from food. Food is for protection. Ruchi is for destruction.

The first and foremost thing you have to do is to drive out the seven ruchis that spoil your health. They are salt, chilli powder, oil, ghee, sweet, sour and masalas. You can substitute these seven ruchis with different natural items which give you a two fold advantage. You can get ruchi and still be healthy. You can substitute salt with coconut, leafy vegetables, milk or curds in the curries. The natural salt in them substitutes the artificial salt you add. Use green chilli in the place of red chilli and chilli powder. Use amla, tamarind tender leaves, mangoes and lemon the place of tamarind. Use honey instead of sugar or jaggery. You can also use dates. Don’t ever think of oil, ghee and masalas.

How is salt harmful :

There are nearly 125 trillion cells in our body. Potasium is present in the protoplasm (sticky, wheatish thick liquid) of the cell, which means inside the cell. Sodium (salt) is present outside the cell. The ratio is 8%. 8% potasium inside and 1% sodium outside the cell for all the cells. These two can retain the 68% water in our body throughout. This ratio decides the health of a cell. The movements of the food into the cell and of the waste material outside the cell are good, if the ratio is normal. If the ratio is disturbed the cell’s health is disturbed which in turn disturb the health of the body of its owner.

The salt in the natural vegetables and fruits is called sodium. Sodium and potasium content in them is in the same ratio as in the cell. So you eat them as they are raw your health will not be disturbed. You cook them , the potassium content in it goes up and gets destroyed. To top it, you add salt to it. So the cooked food is harmful since it increases the salt content and decreases the potasium content. In other words their ratio is reversed. The cooked food and salty food is thus exactly opposite to the requirement of the cell. Consequently the cells become weak and since they don’t get the required energy die out an untimely death. Their death gives birth to minor ailments which in turn foster major diseases.

All fruits, vegetables, seeds sprouts, coconut, dates, milk, contain more of potasium and less of sodium. If you eat these the same ratio reaches your body and maintains the same ratio in your body life long.

Cooking is harmful. Adding salt is more harmful. Adding oil, ghee and masalas is the most harmful. As it is it looks like this. it is a monkey. It drank wine, It jumped over fire. To top it, you keep it fridge, take it out heat it and eat it, you are doing the worst damage to it. The proteins, vitamins and nutrients you require would have all died down in the process.

For instance sugar cane is very helpful. But the white sugar you make out of it in a factory by removing the fibre, by filtering it, by adding some binding agents some anti oxidants, some preservatives, some soluble agents and some colouring agents is the most harmful. Natural things you should take them as they are. You should not add artificial flavours or ingredients to them. Man’s creation is only a destruction of God’s creation.

What to eat ?

a) You can drink vegetable juice 20 minutes after you drink water. You can make juice out of tomato, carrot, beetroot, leafy vegetables, keera. Can add honey. Drink it slowly sip by sip for ten minutes.

b) After an hour after drinking juice eat sprouts of green gram, bengal gram or soaked groundnuts you can add dates or coconut to them. Whatever you eat, you should chew it and eat !

c) You should eat between 12 noon and 1 p.m. Eat unpolished rice or wheat or pulka with nearly 1kg curries cooked without oil, salt and seasoning. You can eat plenty of curds.

d) Around 3.30 p.m. to 4p.m. you can eat fruits available at that particular time of the year.

e) Around 6p.m. to 6.30p.m. eat pulkas with raw or cooked vegetables. With this you put a full stop for the day.

f) You take raw food 60% (Vegetable juice + sprouts, fruits, coconut + dates) and 40% cooked food (lunch and dinner) it means you have fulfilled you dharma of food properly.

3.Dharma of Exercise 

No creature ever gets its food without any physical exercise. We alone shun our responsibility but eat food three times a day. In the mderndays, we are putting up 10% work and are eating 90%. As a result, our bodies contain 90% waste matter (ailments) and only 10% good health.

Exercises helps you in many ways. It helps you to digest the food you have eaten, to distribute the nutrients from the digested food to all the parts of the body, to send out the waste matter after the nutrients are successfully utilized by different parts. This is the dharma of exercise. If you don’t follow this dharma the waste matter which has to go out in the form of sweat remains in the body. Day by day they pile up, laying a foundation for diseases. Those who don’t do physical work can compentsate this loss by doing yogasanas and pranayama.

4.Dharma of Rest

You may think that you have not properly followed the aforesaid three dharmas, but you follow the dharma of rest very well since you sleep for 7,8 hours. No, that’s wrong. It is not enough if we give rest to our nerves, bones and joints. God wants us to give rest to the internal parts too (stomach, small interstine, liver, pancreas) But the tragedy is, no medical science gives importance to this dharma. Whatever energy we lose by working in the morning, we are regaining by giving rest to our body (nerves, bones and joints) at night, so that we can start afresh next morning.

The same law applies to our digestive system. If we keep on eating till ten in the night and sleep then, the food does not get digested till morning. The digestive system has to slog till then. Hardly does it get two to three hours rest when it is again supplied with bed coffee and tiffin. One the digestive system becomes weak, automatically foundation is laid for all diseases.

The dharma of rest begins only after the food is digested completely in the digestive system. If the food is digested before you go to bed, your stomach and other parts get nearly eight hours rest from night ten to early morning.
Once the food is digested the fifth dharma that is the dharma of excretion begins. If the dharma of rest is not followed properly, the dharma of excretion can’t be followed

5. Dharma of Excretion (Dharma of Fasting)

Whatever food we take gets burnt up in our cells and energy is produced. In the process waste matter too is released. The three forms of food we take - solid, liquid, gaseous states also release the waste matter in three forms - solid (motion), liquid (urine, sweat) gaseous state (carbon dioxide) through four excretory organs. If waste matter sent out is equal to the waste matter released inside, your health will not be upset. On the contrary, if all the waste released is not sent out, the waste that gets stagnated produce toxins and poisons which pollute the body.

If this continues, after some time, the waste matter stagnates in whatever part is weak or is without any movement, thereby making that part sickly. For all types of sicknesses the reason is the same. For instance out of the same raw material gold. you wear a necklace to the neck, a bangle to the hand, an anklet to your ankle. You name it anything, the content is the same. The same way the waste material stagnated in you, changes into harmful matter. If it reaches the head, you call it headache reaches the joints you call it arthritis, reaches the lungs you call it asthma. You drive out that waste material, you can drive out your disease. Any medical science which leaves out this root cause and cures elsewhere can only harm us more than it can help us, whereas the Natural Life Style washes out this waste matter first and foremost.

The excretion does not take part in the morning because in the day time, the energy in us is utilized for digestion of food and for transportation of the digested food to the rest of the body. At night, after the food is completely digested, and the digestive system is at rest, the excretory act begins. Only if the excretory act goes on from 8 - 10 hours at night, all the waste material released can be sent out completely next morning. If you eat around 9 or 10 at night, only 2 - 4 hours time will be left for your excretory action which means 4 hours of this action comes to a stand still which puts up your waste material. It shoots up like your compound interest and you start giving a foul smell through your sweat, motion, urine, mouth and saliva.

Once the waste material piles up beyond control, your body warns you in some way or other. It means it needs time to cleanse your body of dirt thoroughly. But you are not leaving your stomach empty.

You are taking a tablet instead. The tablets doctors give are medicines. But the fasting you do is the best medicine ‘Lankhanam Paramoushadam”. Fasting is nothing but the excretory action the body does all the 24 hours. When the excretory action can help you in such a wonderful way, how far is it justifiable to expect good health through medicines and doctors ?

The advantage of a free motion :

Free motion reduces half the work of the excretory action. If you desire a free motion you should mix rice in curry or you should eat as much curry as the rice you eat. You should give up white rice and switch over to unpolished rice or wheat rice or pulkas. You should eat fruits with the pulp in them.

You should have twice or atleast once a free motion before breakfast and again definitely in the evening before dinner. The litre to litre and a half water you drink in the morning helps you in this. If you drive aside every other thought and concentrate only at the naval and the lower parts and move around 5 to 10 minutes, then the motion will have a free movement inside you shouldn’t rush into the lavatory, till it is urgent. Then you will have a large free motion. Such a large free motion is a sign of a good morning to you. If you repeat the same action again after an hour (drinking and thinking) this time you will have a larger and free motion. So now the total waste material of the previous day is washed out completely. The same process you continue in the evening for the evening motion. For the morning food you ate. If you learn and follow the simple law. You are eligible for the night food only if you have a free motion in the evening. You will be the master of a perfect health.

Those who understand and appreciate the close relationship between health and motion; motion and thought are the luckiest people. But we are living an ignoble life as Yogi Vemana has highlighted.

‘The ant is a Siddha Jnani
Pig is a Mahajnani
Rooster is a Kala Jnani

Dog is a Sujnani

Man is an Ajnani

I do hope you will hence forth give up this ajnana and follow the Natural Life Style. We advocate which helps you acquire Jnana.

If you too seek perfect health

Now that you have carefully read the Natural Life Style in a nutshell. If you are interested you can read my other books on health which drive out all your fears in this new venture.

Remember one point! when you start this new venture, there will be many people who will try to discourage you or hinder your progress. So following this life style is like going against the current.

You know something? If you are addicted to drinking or smoking ? no one will force you to stop these bad habits. But there are many who will discourage you in the oath of righteousness.

Remember you are trying to change over from your age old habit. So you do face some problems initially because as Buddha proclaimed - there are four stages to reach self realization.
  1. Stage of starting on the path
  2. Stage of occasional Return
  3. Stage of no return
  4. Stage of self realization.

If you are determined to get over the problems on your way, they will not stop your progress.

A person who goes away from Nature is like a child turn apart from his mother. Mahatma Gandhi said, ‘As a searcher of truth I deem is necessary to find the perfect food for a man to keep body, mind and soul in sound condition. ‘Our Natural Life Style is one which suits exactly what he sought for. Those who understand this can fulfil their life’s purpose.

Ill-health of body or of mind is defeat - health alone is victory. Let all men, if they can manage it, continue to be healthy.

Read - make others read - Follow - make others follow.

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