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Most popular heroin in Telugu and Tamil - Asin

Beauteous Asin became so busy that she could not accept any other offer in any other south Indian language. Trisha, who is among the positions in Telugu and some other languages, is wondering how Asin reached the top slot in a short span.

There are several reasons for astounding Asin's success path, firstly her discipline. Popular soap brand Lux had offered her a hefty fee to appear in their ads. In fact, Lux always prefers Bollywood stars; almost for the first time, they showed interest in a heroine who is most popular only south of the vindhyas. But Asin refused the offer. When several people blamed her for losing an excellent opportunity, she said 'Lux is promoting its product saying that the soap would give a fair and charming skin. I am already giving the same statement for a product 'Fairever'. I felt that it was improper for me to promote a competitor's product. Surprisingly, the makers of 'Fairever' had informed Asin that they had no objection for her modeling for Lux. But Asin stood by her principles. Her bubbling popularity can also be gauged by the fact that she has been chosen to advertise for Colgate toothpaste. The second reason is the love and respect she has for her parents. It is their blessings and this kind of dedication to the work that has taken her to the greatest heights.

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Keep it up, Asin!

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