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Decorate Your house on a Budget

Decorate Your house on a Budget

One of the greatest joy in a family's life is when you move in to your dream house. But with the burden of high mortgages, you wonder whether you can afford to decorate your homes to be the way you always pictured it. Beautiful, modern and a warm and cozy place to come to after a hectic and busy day at work.

Here are some tips which will help you to go ahead with your plans to decorate your homes without having to shell out a lot of money.

1. Decide the style you want for your house
It always help if you know before hand what style you would like for your house. It could be contemporary/ modern, country style, French country style or the classic Victorian types. This will help to search for furnitures and drapes according to the style. In modern types, minimalist is the key word. In country style, there would be more elements of cowboy hats, wooden tables etc. French windows and frilly pillow covers and Victorian grandeur tables, cupboards, mantle piece and long dining tables would be more suitable for French country and Victorian style.

2. Select the Paint or Wallpapers
A paint can change the whole out look of a room. You can single out on wall and paint it in a color that stands out from the rest. Also according to the style, you can choose the colors. Decide on a wall color to fit the whole look of the room. For Victorian, a rosy pink, or an off-white, country can be anywhere from blue and yellow, to pink and white.

3. Selecting an Art work
Find some good artwork. It isn't as expensive as you may think. You can buy from a retail or craft store, or photocopy images from a book, and frame them. An art work adds character to the room. You can select something that pleases your eyes. There is no point buying art that you do not understand. It might me the most popular, expensive art, but you should stick to something that makes you happy looking at it.

4. Selecting the furnitures
If your current furniture already matches your style, then you must avoid buying new furnitures and just purchase some new slip covers, they come in all different styles and patterns. Buy cheap rugs and draperies. You can save a lot of money by purchasing solid color rugs and draperies that are in your colors, and places like Wal-Mart carry them.

5. Selecting the Lightings
A lighting though is the last thing to spend on, is the most important factor in decorating a house. It can highlight all the attractive features and also the flaws in a room. SO you have to be very sensible as to where you want to fix your lightings. Inappropriate mix of lighting, color and furniture can make a very costly combination look ugly. You can use an antique lampshade to place it at a corner of a room or go for small lightings on the ceilings. Use a higher number of weak light sources instead of a lesser number of strong light sources.

6. Alter things you can use
A lighting though is the last thing to spend on, is the most important factor in decorating a house. It can highlight all the
Alter the things you already have. A black lamp may not go with a nautical theme. But instead of throwing it away, you can paint it, using spray paint or textured paints, found in arts and crafts stores. Clocks, coat racks, vases(using glass paint) shelves, bookends, even baskets and furniture can be transformed by paint.

7. Give your rooms a welcoming and warm effect
Toss some pillows and a blanket on your couch, to give your guests a comfortable feeling when they walk through your door. Paint a design you like on the walls using stencils and stamps. Choose lighting in harmony with the mood. Bright ones for modern and dim ones for classic.

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