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How to Propose Girl / Boy

How to Propose a Boy...

Your wait for prince charming seems endless! If you want to follow your dreams, then go ahead and get your dream boy. Here are a few easy steps of proposing your dream boy.

Tips and Ideas for Proposing a Boy

Observe your dream boy and act accordingly, as he may or may not like your romantic gesture.

Now, choose his favorite place, such as camping site, restaurant, sports club etc.

Plan something interesting and in accordance with him.

A cute gift tied with a romantic note would be a perfect gift for your beloved.

Your beloved would be completely bowled over. Let him enjoy this romantic moment. This will surely works.

How to propose a Girl...

Are you madly in love with your dream girl? So, what are you waiting for? Propose her immediately. But, you need to consider a few things before proposing her.

Tips and Ideas for Proposing a Girl

Avoid making decisions in haste. It would be advisable to discuss about marriage with your girl friend. If she is ready for a long-term commitment then only buy a ring for her. Else, you would be disheartened and dejected.

While proposing the girl, buy roses and chocolates for her.

While dating, use your skill, such as humor or talkativeness. Your skills would be quite helpful in proposing the girl.

Listen to your girl attentively and see the magic. She will be all yours.

Girls love sweet surprises a lot. So, surprise her with beautiful gifts.

Take her to dinner or lunch. This would be a perfect way of proposing her.

Girls always admire humorous guys, as they makes them feel comfortable.


  1. Great post..
    and you knoe if you want to impress a girl, she shoudl never come to knoe to about it.
    Always give her a surprise proposal, if she comes to know about the proposal, she might discuss with her friends and if her friends dont like you ..your chances of gettin accpeted may get reduced...

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